Q. What times do you deliver and pick up ?  

A. Delivery is normally between 8am and 12pm, we start picking up from 6pm onwards depending where you are on the drivers list.  If booking is in a hall we do our best to work around the time’s allocated.  If the customer wishes to keep the unit overnight there is an extra charge of £30.00.


Q. What if it rains?

A. We liaise with the customer right up until the last minute for them to decide if they wish to go ahead with the booking, if the booking is cancelled before delivery then there is no charge, but if delivered then full payment will be required.


Q. How much room will be needed?

A. Add on an extra 3ft to the size of any inflatable all round.


Q. Can the castle go on concrete?

A. We prefer to put the units on grass, but can put them on concrete if no other choice is available. We would need to be told at the time of booking so we can bring extra equipment to make things as safe as possible, (again we would advise customers to get liability insurance for the day).


Q. Can adults use equipment?    

A. We have some equipment we hire out to adults but they use the equipment at their own risk as we do not cover them.